Study Digital & Interactive Media – Masters degrees in Sydney


University of Sydney


New South Wales: Sydney (Rozelle campus)


About the University of Sydney (CRICOS 00026A)


Times Higher Education ranks the University of Sydney (UoS) 62nd in the world. UoS is at the forefront of Australian research and academic life and is a member of the prestigious Group of Eight. The university has a large student population – around 49,000 – with academic staff in excess of 3000 teaching on ten campuses. Since its beginning over 160 years ago the University of Sydney has aimed for academic excellence in all graduates, regardless of background.



Interactive & Digital Media at UoS


For postgraduate study at UoS you can consider the

Master of Interactive & Digital Media (MIDM).


The MIDM is taught at the Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), which is the Visual Arts Faculty of the University of Sydney. As a center of Australian arts academia, the SCA aims to be dynamic and full of vitality, offering programs that are relevant to the contemporary art world. At the SCA you will be among students completing degrees at all levels, from undergraduate study to PhD research.


Course overview About the program


The Master of Interactive and Digital Media (MIDM) focuses on interactive design and digital media production through coursework. The context of your studies will be online environments and also hand-held devices. Through assignments, you’ll experiment and seek the most effective methods with which to conceive, develop and deliver creative projects, working to resolve technical and aesthetic issues during the process. You will have access to studio facilities seven days a week to develop your projects. Your master degree aims to ready you for the kind of challenges that professionals face within the interactive media industries, giving you plenty of opportunities to develop into a skilled and resourceful graduate.



Core subjects for the Master of Interactive and Digital Media are taught at the SCA – but you can also choose elective study units and these options can either be offered within the Arts department or within other faculties of the University. Here is a quick look at some of the study units on this program:

互動與數位媒體碩士核心課程在SCA講授 – 但您也可以有其他選修課程單位,藝術學院或大學其他學院皆可以做選擇。以下是一些研究課程的快速瀏覽:

  • Network Society網絡社會
  • Exploring Digital Cultures探索數位文化
  • Internet Cultures and Governance網絡文化與管治
  • Sound Design for Film and Digital Media電影與數位媒體音響設計
  • Algorithms演算
  • Object-Oriented Design物件導向設計
  • Digital Effects for Film and Video電視與電影的數位特技
  • Software Construction軟體建設
  • Software Development in Java軟體開發
  • Experimental Film試驗性的電影
  • History & Theory of New Media新媒體藝術的歷史與理論
  • Animation for Interactive Media and Video互動媒體動畫與視頻


What do you need to enter this program?


English language standards to enter the either Master of Multimedia or Master of Multimedia Technology degrees at is set at IELTS Academic 6.5 overall, with every subtest score above 6.0. You’ll normally need a Bachelor degree in the Visual Arts. UoS also expects you to possess some knowledge of production processes for film and digital media, and you should prepare a CV which shows relevant work experience and involvement in creative design. You will also need to submit a portfolio of your art- or design-related work. When you apply, UoS will also want to see that you have computer skills relevant to design.



Career What about graduate employment?


Graduating from this program, you will possess a highly developed professional skill-set and an in depth understanding of interactive design concept and methodology as this relates to screen-based environments.


The scope of employment opportunity for graduates will be wide, but some examples of graduate employment after the MIDM include:


  • Animators動畫師
  • Creative Directors創意總監
  • Media Producers媒體製作
  • Web Designers網頁設計
  • Web Developers網頁開發
  • Interactive Designers互動設計
  • Project Managers項目經理


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University of New South Wales


New South Wales: Sydney (Paddington)


About the UNSW (CRICOS 00098G)


The University of New South Wales is one of the world’s best universities – it is a member of the group of eight top universities in Australia and also of the international network of research centres known as Universitas 21. It is a large university with over 50,000 students, three main campuses and a number of satellite schools. UNSW promotes it study culture as vibrant but informal, innovative but also practical in its approach to learning. In its history UNSW has strong Engineering roots but today it offers programs in Arts, Business, Medicine, Law, and Science. The University of New South Wales has a fine reputation for graduate employment – graduates enjoy some of the best starting salaries in Australia and hold some of the highest positions.



Digital Media at UNSW


At UNSW you can choose the Master of Digital Media (MDM). 數位媒體碩士

Students study within the UNSW arts faculty known as COFA – the College of Fine Arts.



Course overview About the program



UNSW’s Master of Digital Media is designed to be a demanding Masters degree, oriented towards graduates with digital media, design and fine arts backgrounds. It gives students valuable experience in contemporary media production and develops both their practical and theoretical insight.



In video, studies cover dramatic and documentary contexts, with advanced software graphics techniques. Video studies give students a comprehensive view of the production process from beginning to end – the intention here is that your own individual sense of direction should be allowed to form in time for independent study assignments later on.



In sound, the studies deal with the AV dimension within contexts of animation, film and video – at this point students are even given space to follow their own path into sound composition. Audio training includes practical courses in digital audio recording, editing,  5.1 surround sound and MIDI – also dealing with creative territories such as sound design and synthesis.

在聲音音效方面,研究有關影音的背景動畫、電影和電視 – 在這個部分學生可以依照自己的想法,設計空間轉換成聲音的組合。數位音效錄音、編輯與音效培訓有許多實用課程,5.1環繞音效和MIDI – 也有專業創意的設備像是音響的組合設計等。


As a student you will complete these studies before specialising in your choice of either 3D Computer Generated Imagery or Video Production, supported throughout by intensive studio instruction. Animation & 3D Modelling reflect the directions of the production industry, along with its demands on personnel. Courses in 3D also give the foundation for individual or group work towards the end of the MDM program.



The core studies can be broadened with the right elective courses, such as Interactive Media and Digital Imaging. Elective courses give students more options to tailor their studies to fit your personal direction and strengths. UNSW’s electives create the opportunity to enhance your skills in such areas as:



  • Interactive Media互動媒體
  • Lighting照明
  • Vector Graphics向量圖形
  • Writing for Digital Media數位媒體寫作
  • Commercial design for Web (and offline contexts)網絡商業設計(離線情境)


There are many more elective options – you’ll complete three art theory electives and two studio-based electives as part of the MDM.

有許多選修課程 –數位媒體碩士(MDM)課程中,您將完成三項藝術倫理選修以及兩個工作室為基礎的選修課程。


What do you need to enter this program?


IELTS requirement is 6.0. You will need a Bachelors degree in a related field, with a high GPA. When you apply it will be important to demonstrate a good level of skill, experience and creativity in the area linked to your future major: your portfolio of about 12 works will be important in showing this.



Career Who are the UNSW MDM graduates?


Careers for graduates of the Master of Design program include:


  • Film and Video電影和電視
  • Interactive Media互動媒體
  • Animation動畫
  • Audiovisual Sound Design音效視聽設計
  • Interaction Design互動設計
  • Production Management生產管理
  • Production Design產品設計
  • Script and Project Development腳本與項目開發
  • Digital Media Teaching數位媒體教學
  • Digital Media Management數位媒體管理


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University of Technology Sydney


New South Wales: Sydney

About the University of Technology Sydney (CRICOS 00099F)


You will find the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in central Sydney. UTS enjoys a very good reputation academically, with several noted areas of particular strength – the faculty of Arts boasts the highest number of ‘first choice’ higher education applications in New South Wales.



Interactive Media at UTS


Take a closer look at the UTS Master of Design (Digital Design).


At UTS, Interactive Multimedia study is covered by a suite of 3 postgraduate courses -students can progress from Graduate Certificate to Graduate Diploma and up to the full Masters degree. These programs are offered at the UTS Institute for Interactive Media and Learning – they’re run jointly by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.



Course overview About the program


In creating the Master of Interactive Multimedia, UTS have sought to provide students from a wide variety of study backgrounds and specialisms with a flexible course that explores theoretical and practical aspects of the interactive media field effectively. Some students enter the program with existing experience in multimedia work, but not always – this openness is reflected in the course design with its emphasis on optional courses (electives). Electives are given importance in order to maximise your potential within the field by allowing you to build upon whatever experience you already have, or the professional direction you may already have taken. Consequently, the course is highly suitable for you if your CV doesn’t show any relevant interactivity work but you currently have a clear interest in the field.



The UTS approach to multimedia learning prioritises your development of professional skills relevant to working environments, but also recognises the need to give students a firm grounding of theory-based knowledge; graduates should be aware of the social context, history and the place of multimedia communication technologies within today’s industries.



Expect a range of training that spreads across several disciplines – you will complete units dedicated to design, to drawing using computer media, and to the study of media theory.



What do you need to enter this program?


You will need IELTS 6.5 overall, and applicants must have a minimum of 6.0 in the Writing subtest. A Bachelor degree is required and you must be ready to submit a folio of your work when you apply.


Career What about graduate employment?


During the Masters degree there will be specific opportunities organised by the School for contact with industry professionals and recruitment officers.


Graduate employment prospects are diverse, including roles in these areas:


  • digital media數位媒體
  • the mobile web手機網絡
  • information architecture信息架構
  • interaction design互動設計
  • new media新媒體
  • web design網頁設計
  • web development網頁開發
  • web project management網頁項目管理



University Study 

Digital Design /

Interactive Media

Tuition Fees 

Estimated annual fee for 2013

Entry requirements
University of Sydney 




Master of Interactive & Digital Media (MIDM) 


1 year

AUD $30,240 –  IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 for each subtest score) 

–  Bachelors degree with GPA value

–  Folio

University of New South Wales (UNSW) 



Master of Digital Media (MDM) 


1.5 years

AUD $25,440 –  IELTS 6.0 

–  Bachelors degree with GPA value

–  Folio (demonstrating skill in 3D CGI, or video production depending on specialisation)

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 



Master of Interactive Multimedia 



1.5 years

AUD $22,368 –  IELTS 6.5 (with 6.0 for Writing) 

–  Bachelors degree

–  Folio

Raffles College of Design & Commerce 


North Sydney

Master of Design 

(Digital Design)


1.5 years


AUD $18,000 


–  IELTS 6.5 

–  Bachelors degree (Raffles will also consider 3 years relevant work experience)

–  Design folio




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