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為您介紹3所澳洲 墨爾本地區學校,在數位媒體課程的學校簡介與未來職涯走向。


Swinburne University of Technology

澳洲維多利亞州地區- 施濱科技大學

Victoria: Melbourne (Hawthorn campus)


About Swinburne University (CRICOS 00111D)


Swinburne is a modern, forward-thinking university with one of the best design faculties in Australia. Swinburne and RMIT are both well-known for their commitment to the creative industries and both institutions are key partners with the Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (Australian Research Council). In Swinburne’s case, the university has a strong international profile that also seeks strong connections with the Melbourne community and industries. Swinburne promotes its programs by emphasising their flexibility – one of the key aspects of the course design.



Multimedia at Swinburne


You can choose one of two study directions in Multimedia:


Master of Multimedia and Master of Multimedia Technology


How are these courses similar?

The main elements in common are the core units. Both Master of Multimedia and Master of Multimedia Technology have the same main course units (described in brief below).



The key differences are:

–   Master of Multimedia Technology is longer (2 years instead of 1.5)

–   The longer program aims to allow you time to develop and perfect your core multimedia knowledge and project management ability

–   Importantly, the Master of Multimedia Technology has a stronger emphasis on practical skills





Course overview About the programs


Here are some of the main courses for these Masters programs – your core units of study will include:

  • • User Experience Design用戶體驗設計
  • • Multimedia Imaging多媒體影像
  • • Multimedia Authoring多媒體創作
  • • The Internet and World Wide Web 1網際網路
  • • 3D Modelling & Animation3D架構與動畫
  • • Multimedia Project Management多媒體項目管理
  • • Digital Video and Audio數位影像與聲音
  • • Professional Communication Practice專業傳播實習


What do you need to enter this program?


English language standards to enter the either Master of Multimedia or Master of Multimedia Technology degrees at Swinburne are set at IELTS Academic 6.5 overall, with every subtest score above 6.0. You’ll normally need a recognised Bachelor degree; however, if you have a great CV that shows the university plenty of relevant multimedia industry experience then Swinburne may consider you for Master of Multimedia course.  Also remember, the Graduate Certificate of Multimedia may provide another way into Swinburne’s design department.



Career Who are the Swinburne design graduates?


Here’s how your career opportunities will develop from pre-Masters qualifications, onwards to the Masters degree. If you complete a Swinburne Graduate Certificate you will possess multimedia authoring skills and a knowledge of the interactive communication process. After a Graduate Diploma you will have the skills and insight to create multimedia projects using an extensive range of multimedia authoring tools and methodologies – career opportunities will include work as a multimedia developer.



With your Masters degree, your multimedia development abilities and knowledge of the production process will ensure you are a capable and proficient professional. Swinburne graduates are trained to cope well working within professional teams, or as independent multimedia producers.



  • multimedia producer/developer/programmer/network administrator

多媒體製作/開發/編輯/網路 管理員

  • website developer/programmer網站開發人員/編程人員
  • project management項目管理
  • running a multimedia business多媒體業務
  • instructional designer教學設計
  • interactive content creator互動內容創作人員
  • 2D/3D modeller/animator2D/3D架構/動畫
  • multimedia advertising多媒體廣告
  • digital media production – particularly streaming media and webcasting


  • digital signals and image processing數位信號和圖像處理
  • database developer數據庫開發人員


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT)

澳洲維多利亞州地區- 墨爾本皇家理工大學

Victoria: Melbourne


About RMIT University (CRICOS 00122A)


RMIT has a first class reputation internationally and is widely known as a leading research institution. The university really excels in Design and Technology, but RMIT also has a QS university ranking in the world’s top 100 universities for Communication and Media studies, Computer Science and Information Systems – so your Masters degree will be very well set-up and resourced, with great connections to industry.



Creative Media at RMIT University


Next we’ll have a look at an alternative direction for students committed to creative technologies. RMIT offers the following program:

Master of Creative Media (Animation and Interactive Media)



Course overview About the program


The Master of Creative Media (Animation and Interactive Media) aims to develop your understanding of how to coordinate different media as powerful tools for exploring and expressing your ideas; the focus is on time-based media. Crucially, students work with narrative and interactivity, and skills are also developed through experimentation.



What does this mean for your studies? In year one your studies will include Concept Development and Storytelling. You will complete units is Collaborative Studio Practice before working alone in Individual Studio Practice, and the year ends with a final Major Project.


You will have a special interest in:

  • • storytelling, time-based media, creative writing and developing narratives


  • • you’ll analyse stories by looking at them critically


  • • you’ll develop ways of telling the story using your medium



Towards the end of your first year you will work independently, but first you will do group-work (Collaborative Studio practice) with these aims:


  • • getting practical experience of team-based production methods


  • • collaborative work is common in this industry, so you will want to develop as a good communicator in creative contexts


  • • you will need to adapt your ideas according to group-input


What do you need to enter this program?


You need IELTS 6.5 to enter the program. There is another test of your English skills because as shown above, one of your study focuses will be storytelling and RMIT expects applicants to demonstrate some Creative Writing skills as an entry requirement. This is part of a special pre-selection package for applicants. In addition, you’ll need a folio showing a range of your creative work in different media, and be ready to show 3-Dimensional Computer Generated Imagery if you want to specialise in this area.



Career Who are the RMIT University design graduates?


Holding this Masters degree may lead to your career in one of these areas:


  • 2D or 3D animators2D或3D動畫
  • interaction designers互動設計
  • matte artists磨砂/霧面藝術設計
  • web designers網頁設計
  • character designers字元設計
  • games artists遊戲藝術設計
  • online education designers線上教學設計
  • machinima director/producers.機器操作或製造



Take a closer look…


Monash University

澳洲維多利亞州地區- 蒙納許大學

Victoria: Melbourne (Caulfield and Gippsland campuses)


About Monash University (CRICOS 00008C)


Monash University is mainly located in Melbourne and was established in 1958. Even though there are far older universities in Australia, in a relatively short time Monash University has succeeded in building its reputation as one of the world’s top higher education providers. In 2012 there were about 17,000 postgraduates studying at the university, and the student population is fairly evenly split between Australian and International students.



You will study in MADA – Monash Art Design & Architecture faculty – with some of Australia’s leading academics and professionals. The MADA school promotes itself as encouraging creative and critical thinking and collaboration, producing graduates with strong visual communication skills, the ability to inquire and also to generate innovative solutions that impact the world in positive ways.



Multimedia Design at Monash University

At MADA your options include:

Master of Multimedia and Master of Multimedia Design


Course overview About the programs


We will look at the longer program: the two-year Master of Multimedia Design. This course provides you with the space to tailor your own program so that it fits your key areas of interest. That involves selecting your course units from a variety of Design, Information Technology and Digital Media subjects which are offered. Studio practice is designed to create opportunities for self-determined work as well as work that must be realised through collaboration with others.


What do you need to enter this program?


You need IELTS 6.5 overall to join this program, but with minimum Writing and Speaking sub-scores set slightly lower, at 6.0. Applicants to Monash tend to be academically strong, and you will need a Bachelors degree from a recognised university in Taiwan.


Career Who are the MADA alumni?


Monash University explains that Postgraduate Multimedia studies offered by Art and Design are designed to enrich any career.




You can discover more about preparing a Portfolio here…


You can discover more about Design here…

追求創意與想像力 到澳洲學習”藝術相關”課程吧




墨爾本地區 上述3所大學相關系所比較圖表

University Study 

Digital Design /

Creative Media

Tuition Fees 

Estimated annual fee for 2013

Entry requirements
Monash University 



Master of Multimedia Design 


2 years

AUD $26,620 


–   IELTS 6.5 

(minimum 6.5 for Listening & Reading; minimum 6.0 for – Writing & Speaking)

–   Bachelors degree



Master of Multimedia 


1.5 years

Swinburne University 




Master of Multimedia Technology 


2 years

AUD $23,250 –   IELTS 6.5 

–   Bachelors degree

–   Folio of 10-15 works


Master of Multimedia 


1.5 years

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) 



Master of Creative Media (Animation and Interactive Media) 


1.5 years


AUD $23,040 –   IELTS 6.5 

–   Bachelors degree

–   Folio of 10-15 works

–   Examples of your creative writing