World-class Australian training in Hospitality, Management and the art of Cooking.

International training for careers in Hospitality, Management and the art of Gastronomy has seen enormous growth in popularity and variety in recent years. Today’s candidates for study based in Australia are spoilt for choice by the vocational and academic programs on offer.


Le Cordon Bleu


Whether specialising in the design and delivery of a world-class hotel service or training in gastronomy before a career at a top restaurant, aspiring chefs and managers are registering their interest in Hospitality courses, whose popularity has been on the rise for over a decade, mirroring growth in consumer demand for well designed and delivered services in areas such as dining, hotel and tourism products.



What is Gastronomy?

It’s the art of food preparation and appreciation at Le Cordon Bleu.

烹飪學- Le Cordon Bleu食品準備及品嘗的藝術

It’s hard to think of a better place for the study of cookery than Le Cordon Bleu, the world famous institution of French cuisine. This organisation is 117 years old. Though its roots are in Paris – arguably gastronomic centre of the universe – Le Cordon Bleu has developed its reach with schools in 10 countries, capitalising on its reputation as the true custodian of French culinary art. Candidates for study in Australia can choose between 3 schools, in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

沒有什麼地方比世界知名法式料理學院Le Cordon Bleu 更適合學習烹飪。Le Cordon Bleu 有長達一百一十七年的歷史,儘管根基於巴黎—宇宙中所有美食的中心地帶,Le Cordon Bleu 也利用其身為法式料理真傳的名譽,在全世界十個國家與其他學校結盟交流。預備前往澳洲的學生有分別坐落於雪梨、墨爾本、阿雷德雷的三所學校可選擇。


The incredible success of Le Cordon Bleu schools has been attributed to a winning teaching methodology. A professional chef gives a demonstration, followed by a tasting session involving students who must then successfully recreate the dish themselves. It’s an approach to learning that survives at the schools to this day, having proved its worth not only for a rigorous education in classical French cooking, from fundamentals to the most advanced, but also in truly innovative fusions and the inventions of modern gastronomy.

Le Cordon Bleu 學校多年來的成績歸功於優良的教學方式。課堂上由專業主廚親自教學示範,然後要求學生複製同樣菜餚作為測驗。此學習方式讓學校生存至今日,證明其價值不只在於將法式料理的精髓從初階到高階完整融入教學之中,更在於提供學生與近代烹飪學擦出火花的機會。



Le Cordon Bleu’s exclusively designed courses are carefully aligned with Australian vocational qualifications in Hospitality, such as Certificates I to IV, the Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma. This helps ensure that each course adheres to recognised Australian standards. However, since Le Cordon Bleu has a reputation with its own independent strength, it is probably true that the cache associated with the training will be of greater value to Taiwanese graduates. And LCB describe their famous programs as a passport to success in the culinary world.

Le Cordon Bleu 的獨特課程與澳洲旅遊觀光認證一致,如Certificates I到IV、進階文憑及畢業文憑。這能幫助確保各門課程符合澳洲公認標準。然而Le Cordon Bleu一向是以其獨立發展為傲,對台灣的學生來說Le Cordon Bleu的享譽國際的名聲可能才是最重要的。的確,Le Cordon Bleu將他們的獨門學程形容為在烹飪界闖出天下的通行證。


The Australian perspective

Now we should take a look at some of those special Australia-based Le Cordon Bleu programs.

現在讓我們來看看以下Le Cordon Bleu 在澳洲設立的特別學程:

At LCB schools around the world, the most famous courses – the mainstay of Cordon Bleu training – are called the ‘Diplome de Cuisine’ and ‘Diplome de Patisserie’. Each course lasts 9 months but what makes LCB study in Australia special is that both programs are extended by a further 6 months of industry experience, spent in a commercial kitchen. Read on to see how this fits with your course.

LCB的全球學校的知名課程是廚藝文憑(Diplome de Cuisine)及烘焙文憑(Diplome de Patisseire)。每門課程持續九個月,但澳洲的LCB分校將學程延伸至六個月的校外實習。


The Diplome de Cuisine

Practical study (Basic + Intermediate + Superior) + Industrial placement


實務訓練(初階+ 中階+ 進階)+ 企業實習

You may wish to start building your career from a really solid foundation, or to take your existing skills in a new direction. For a complete introduction to the art of cooking, consider the 15 month Diplome de Cuisine. The program is underpinned by Australian qualification units Certificate I, II and III in Hospitality, and LCB suggests that the course suits not only beginners but also experienced cooks.

如果你想為自己的職業生涯訂下穩固的基礎,那麼以完整的廚藝入門來說,你可以考慮時長十五個月的廚藝文憑課程。此課程包括澳洲餐飲認證的一、二、三級,LCB表示這門課程除了初學者之外同樣適合有經驗的廚師。Le Cordon Bleu 將廚藝課程分為三個階段,每個階段各需三個月。在第一、二部分的課程包括基礎到中級廚房技術,介紹經典法式料理和烹飪技巧如醬料基礎知識,同時也包括材料存放、器具使用、專業詞彙介紹等等基本技能。這些初階課程將讓學生重複運用、練習直到能發展出對於肉品、湯、醬料、冷熱甜點的料理直覺。 第三階段的三個月課程稱作 Superior Cuisine,是為將學生對古典法式料理的認識延伸到經現代的新式作法。


Work experience – your Industry Placement at Le Cordon Bleu Australia 

As we have seen, Australian programs extend this to a further 6 months in an industrial placement, where the candidate completes an assessed period working in a commercial kitchen. This distinguishes LCB training in Australia – it is paid work and it is a compulsory part of the training before the award of Diplome de Cuisine.

如同上面所說的,澳洲課程多了六個月的企業實習,學生在一般餐廳實習的階段也將被學校評量。這是LCB澳洲課程不同的地方- 企業實習帶薪,且為取得廚藝文憑的必要條件。


The Diplome de Patisserie

Practical study (Basic + Intermediate + Superior) + Industrial placement


實務訓練(初階+ 中階+ 進階) + 企業實習

This 15-month course structure can be applied to a different area of specialist focus – that of pastry, or Patisserie. Separate from the Cuisine study we have just seen, Patisserie teaches the skills which chefs need for the preparation of fine desserts and pastries. Students in the Patisserie stream are guided through the preparation of breads, and doughs that use yeast. They are introduced to chocolate and fillings, developing a knowledge of creams, ice cream and mousses, with instruction in presentation and display of different dishes. Using the tried and tested method of demonstration then practice, students gradually learn techniques to prepare a wide variety of cakes and sweets.



At Superior Patisserie level, candidates are encouraged to make their work individual and personal, looking at complex desserts like gateaux and petits fours. They develop awareness of special cultural and dietary needs, while extending their hands-on skills to other areas including teamwork and how to serve specific menus.



The Grand Diplome

Diplome de Cuisine + Diplome de Patisserie + Industrial placement


廚藝文憑+ 甜點文憑+ 企業實習

Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplome is recognised around the world and acclaimed by many to be the world’s most prestigious culinary education. Since it covers both Cuisine and Patisserie streams plus 6 months of industry experience, the Grand Diplome provides the most comprehensive training for those embarking on a career in the culinary arts. Candidates are assessed in a range of ways – both practice and theory – and training includes the simulation of true industry situations before work placements that are carefully arranged to nurture candidates’ strengths and help them build skill-sets that will serve and help them to compete throughout a career in the Hospitality industry.

Le Cordon Bleu 的綜合文憑名聞全球,而且被稱作世界頂尖的烹飪課程。此學程包含廚藝及甜點文憑雙課程加上六個月的企業實習,因此提供了有心進軍烹飪界者最完整的訓練。學生將接受多方面的評量- 包括實作及理論方面- 而且課程將包含業界實況的模擬,讓學生準備接受經過精心設計、訓練紮實的實習階段,為未來的餐飲志業建立穩固基礎。