Study in Australia will give you special Career Development opportunities.



Work placements are becoming integral to more and more courses, but there are other ways of linking your studies to industry and getting the most out of your training.



We’ll also see how a leading institution – The University of Western Australia – lets you learn directly with a successful professional. That means going one-to-one with your own Career Mentor.

我們將介紹西澳大學對於學生職業生涯所提供的支持 – 依您的需求安排和一位專業領域的指導者一對一指導學習。

Industry placements in Australia – your studies with a work component

在澳洲的工作實習 – 學以致用


If you are planning a course that includes a period of work experience, there are some important things to consider. Next we’ll pick up on a few key points to make every industry placement a success.



Industry placements let students study their subject in ways that cannot happen in the classroom. How might an industry placement benefit you?




Key advantages



Experience in the industry can also help you become motivated and enthusiastic about your studies



Beyond the theoretical side of your subject, you’ll take what you know into the real world and put your knowledge into action



You’ll experience the kind of pressures and challenges associated with your industry



You’ll develop transferable skills and improve your employability



You’ll gain practical experience – the kind that employers will recognise and value

您將獲得實際的經驗 – 雇主的肯定與價值


The experience will show you what kind of jobs you really enjoy




Your success in a work placement depends on how well you prepare, but also on how well you acclimatise. Here are some suggestions to help you maximise the benefits.





Making sure your placement is a success



Before you apply for a work placement, think about what you want to learn. Try to choose a placement that aligns itself well with the kind of job and career you aim eventually to have.



Be sure to take full advantage of support offered by your university – orientation meetings before you start a placement can help you feel prepared. Also do your own research about the employer and the job.

必定充分利用您大學所提供的支持 – 參加就業博覽會提前作準備,認識不同公司及工作。


If you have to apply for the placement, you may need to send personal documents like a CV – and you may well need to pass an interview. See what support your university offers in both cases – the careers department will help you put together a purposeful CV, and they may help you rehearse the most successful interview techniques.

若您要求職,或許您會需要提供個人資料像是履歷表 – 並且通過面試。在這之前您的學校可以協助您做兩件事 – 協助您修改履歷表使之較為出色,還會幫您模擬面試學習一些面試技巧。


Know the conditions of your industry placement before you start. Be sure you really understand what will be required: in the workplace it could mean finding out about the tasks you’ll do and responsibilities you’ll have, about the hours you’ll work and of course the duration of the placement. And back at university, how will your progress be assessed? Be sure you know exactly what is required for you to pass this component of your course.



Take a professional approach. Work with a positive attitude, trying your hardest to contribute to your host company in a worthwhile way. Dress appropriately, arrive on time, and stick to the company rules.



When the placement is over, ask the company how well you performed and see if they can recommend any ways you might improve. You may need to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, both professional and personal, as part of assessed work for your degree – that includes the potential for seminars while your placement is underway.



Remember, there are other ways of linking your studies to industry.



As we know, industry placements have become vital in a range of fields and higher education courses – they are an integral part of programs on Tourism & Hospitality, on Fashion Design, or on Business.

如同我們所知,在一定範圍內的領域和更高的教育課程, 就拿旅遊及餐飲課程、時尚設計或者是商業學習來說,工作實習逐漸變得非常重要。


Providing first class career support to students has also become a priority for some of the most highly ranked universities in Australia. For a pretty instructive example of what’s possible we’re going to mention the careers support offered at the University of Western Australia.




Giving your career a head start – The University of Western Australia.



Next we’ll take a look at an approach to career development by leading institution, The University of Western Australia.



UWA needs little introduction – it is one of Australia’s Group of 8 institutions, ranking 1st in Australia for its Life and Physical Sciences faculty. And UWA also has one of the best Business Schools in Australia, with close links to industry in WA – the state enjoying a major economic boom.

簡單介紹西澳大學 -它是澳洲八大名校之一,其生命和物理科學學院在澳洲排名第一,且西澳大學的商學院也是澳洲數一數二的,在西澳與企業合作,維持並享受西澳的繁榮經濟。


Students at The University of Western Australia benefit from an exceptionally well-designed and resourced career support program. Called the Career Mentor Link, it is a facility available to students on courses such as the Master of Marketing, Master of Commerce and the Master of Business Administration.



Career Mentor Link is not an industry placement – it’s a framework which extends support to the university’s students with a view to their career development. CML offers assistance in the form of a schedule of one-to-one meetings between student and a chosen industry professional – a successful businessperson who has volunteered their time because of their strong interest in helping you develop your career. UWA staff will aim to find the most suitable mentor. This will be an accomplished person whose professional experience connects well with your own direction, a person who will lend you their knowledge in your meetings and provide you with guidance through Q & A and email interactions. They’ll allow you the greatest insight and give your studies or research an enormous boost.

職業生涯指導方案與工作實習不同 – 而是一個延伸至大學學生發展自己職業生涯的架構。CML提供的協助是以學生選定的行業專業,制定一個一對一單獨面談的時間表 –對商業的熱忱的成功商業人士,協助您依喜好規劃未來職業生涯發展。西澳大學將為您找到合適的指導人員,您的指導人員將以自身的專業經驗連接您對未來職涯的方向,透過問答及電子郵件交流為您提供指導和協助。他們將給予您最深入的了解及對您的學習研究產生巨大的助力。


UWA helps ensure the success of this fantastic career support option by providing a special coordinator who oversees the smooth running of the Career Mentor Link, so there will always be someone to go to should you or your mentor need.


Useful links for Careers Centre at University of Western Australia:

The University of Western Australia offers their career support to all students studying in all fields. Want to know more? Come and see our team at YEC for full details.