南十字星大學 Southern Cross University

地址 Military Road, East Lismore NSW 2480
電話 +61 2 6620 3000
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About Southern Cross University 關於南十字星大學

Southern Cross University is a contemporary Australian public university. We take pride in the supportive study environment we provide our students irrespective of their backgrounds and life goals.

The University has around 16,000 students enrolled throughout Australia and from 80 countries around the world. It offers Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level degrees that focus on business, tourism, environmental and health sciences, Indigenous studies, education, law and the arts.


The University has developed industry partnerships and strong links with business, the professions and community to provide a practical emphasis as well as a rigorous application of theory. Southern Cross University collaborates with other international institutions in the delivery of courses in China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Thailand and the USA.


The University is committed to enhancing the lives and helping to advance the careers of all its international students. Named after the constellation of stars that appears in the night sky of the Southern Hemisphere, the Southern Cross is a potent symbol in Australia’s history and forms part of the Australian flag. It has been used for centuries to help navigate and guide travellers on their journeys. We look forward to guiding you.



Why Choose Southern Cross 為何選擇南十字星

Southern Cross University is a great place to study, offering a range of courses in a supportive learning environment.

• Industry-relevant degrees with a strong practical emphasis that enable students to generate and apply knowledge

  • 與業界密切相關的學程強調實務經驗。

• Campus locations combining the best of both worlds – quality education in an inspirational setting

  • 校園地點適合學習、同時不缺生活刺激

• Emphasis on actively engaging with the community

  • 積極與本地社區接觸、合作

• The cost of living in regional Australia (Lismore and Coffs Harbour campuses) is generally less expensive than metropolitan Australia. At Southern Cross University you can look forward to a wonderful experience in a
truly unique part of Australia. Located on Australia’s eastern seaboard, students can access some of the best surfing beaches and marine environments in the country.

澳洲郊區( Lidmore 與Coffs Harbour 校區)生活費低於都會區域,本校位於澳洲東部海岸線,學生可以全澳洲享有最棒的衝浪海灘及海洋生態環境。

World Heritage rainforest areas and national parks are also regional attractions – perfect for great bushwalking and camping experiences. The region is home to a creative population, producing internationally-acclaimed music, film, literary and community festivals, as well as art exhibitions, regular cultural events, lively weekend entertainment, a variety of sports and an interesting market scene. On-campus activities provide loads of diversity and fun, and the opportunity to form life-long friendships.



Where we are 地點

Southern Cross University is based on the east coast of Australia – a region renowned for its extraordinary beauty. Campuses are located at Lismore, Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast, and The Hotel School Sydney, run in partnership with Mulpha Australia. All campuses are linked electronically for coursework and research purposes, ensuring ease of access and exchange of information.

本校位在澳洲東海岸,風景優美。校園分布於Lismore、Coff Harbour、黃金海岸,還有與 Mulapha Australia 合作的雪梨飯店學校。每個校區都有電子化學術研究功能,讓資訊傳達便捷廣泛。


Fees 費用

2013 Bachelor of Business 商務學士– $1950/ per unit 每單元, 24 unit in total 共二十四單元

2013 Master of Business Administration 工商管理碩士 — $ 2390/ per unit 每單元, 12 unit in total 共十二單元


Courses 課程種類

Arts and Social Sciences 文科與社會科學


Creative and Performing Arts 創意與表演藝術
Indigenous Studies 原住民研究