查爾斯史都華大學   Charles Sturt University

地址 Charles Sturt University, Elizabeth Mitchell Drive, Thurgoona, NSW
電話 +61 2 6338 6077
E-mail http://www.csu.edu.au/contacts/enquiry (online enquiry)


Why CSU 為何選擇CSU

1. Career focused, academic excellence 聚焦職場,專精學術

CSU is dedicated to excellence in the delivery of higher education and has a well-earned reputation for providing exceptional education delivered by dedicated professionals with practical and relevant industry experience. Our academics are supported by well-researched curriculum and teaching methods that maintain high levels of satisfaction among graduates, employers and the University’s partners.

CSU 致力於高等教育,並且以結合企業實務經驗與專業知識的課程獲得優良名聲。我們的學術課程受到畢業生、企業雇主、其他大學等多方肯定。

2. Our graduates get jobs 畢業即工作

CSU consistently ranks highly for graduate employment. A recent survey showed that 82.3% of all CSU domestic graduates find employment within four months of completing their degree. In the 2012 edition of Australia’s Good Universities Guide, CSU was ranked four out of a possible five stars in several areas, including Positive Graduate Outcomes and Getting a Job.

CSU維持高畢業生就業率,近期調查顯示82.3% 的CSU澳洲學生在畢業後四個月內即就職。2012的澳洲大學指南在數個項目給予CSU四顆星,其中包括畢業生競爭力、就職率。

Most CSU courses offer access to practicum opportunities from the first year of study, ensuring students are equipped to tackle real life situations and are building relationships with prospective employers right from the start.


3. Industry-related courses 企業連結

Our courses are developed in collaboration with industry representatives to ensure the skills our graduates acquire meet industry needs. Not only are CSU degrees accredited with relevant Australian government and industry bodies, these organisations are working closely with the University to guarantee that CSU graduates are industry-ready wherever they may work.


4. Advanced teaching and learning facilities 高階教學與學習設施

As a CSU student, you will have access to state-of-the-art facilities on campus including computing centres, networked libraries, Learning Commons and laboratories. Some examples of our cutting edge technology include our veterinary clinical and pre-clinical centres for veterinary science students and the 3D games laboratory for games technology students.


Depending on the area of study, students can gain experience in an industry standard radio station, television broadcast studio, a podiatry clinic, audiometric laboratory or exercise physiology laboratory, thereby developing first-hand skills in current industry practices in a professional environment.


5. CSU’s international links 國際關係

CSU is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and is partly funded by the Australian government. CSU has over 60 partnerships in more than 25 countries that facilitate research, course delivery, cultural exchange, student and staff exchange and a diverse range of other education activities.


6. The CSU family 大家庭

CSU has a network of campuses in regional NSW, Study Centres in Sydney and Melbourne, Theology campuses in Canberra and a campus in Canada – making it one of the largest universities in Australia, however it is our sense of community that sets CSU apart. With students from across Australia and around the world studying at these locations, our size allows for diversity in our facilities and courses. Wherever you choose to study, you will quickly become part of the CSU family.


7. Safe, secure and supportive living and study environment 安全學習環境

At CSU, you will have the best of both worlds: undertake a high quality degree while enjoying a great social life. Lower costs of living, unpolluted air and an increased sense of safety are just some of the advantages of living and studying in regional Australia.


Our campuses are ideally located, enabling access to a wealth of activities, from joining sporting groups to enjoying local clubs or a night at the theatre. Whatever you desire from your time at university, you will be right at home at CSU.


Our CSU Study Centres are located in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne, allowing students to experience city living with access to transport, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, which all these beautiful cities offer.


8. Research that matters 研究重心

CSU is committed to excellence in research, identifying and supporting areas and projects that allow the undertaking of internationally competitive research and research training. The University’s research ranges from cardiovascular, plant bio-security, farming systems, enhanced social and environmental sustainability, and irrigation to contextual theology, artificial intelligence and spatial modelling techniques, improving agricultural productivity through molecular biology, and environment and sustainable viticulture. Portfolios of research and consulting amount to approximately AUD$10 million annually.


9. Flexible learning 彈性學習

CSU is committed to the flexible delivery of learning and teaching and uses technology to allow flexibility and responsiveness to student needs. CSU’s online scholarly environment, CSU Interact, is a system that provides access to learning and research resources and opportunities to collaborate and communicate online.

Most CSU courses are offered in a variety of ways to suit you and your lifestyle, including full-time on campus study, and study by distance education. CSU works with you to find the balance that’s right for you.



Fees 費用

Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) 商務學士(人力資源管理)– $16800

Master of Business Administration 工商管理碩士 — $ 20320


Study Areas 學科領域




*Master Degrees in Business 商業類別碩士學程:

Master of Accountancy 會計碩士

Master of Agricultural Business Management 農業綜合企業管理碩士

Master of Applied Finance 應用財務碩士

Master of Business 商務碩士

Master of Business Administration 工商管理碩士

Master of Business Administration (Computing) 工商管理碩士 (電腦)

Master of Business Leadership 商務領導學碩士

Master of Dispute Resolution 調解碩士

Master of Human Resource Management 人力資源管理碩士

Master of Management 管理碩士

Master of Management (Chartered Marketer) 管理(特許行銷人員)碩士

Master of Management (Information Technology) 管理(資訊科技)碩士

Master of Marketing 行銷碩士


Master of Professional Accounting 專業會計碩士

Master of Project Management 項目管理碩士