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About UNE 關於UNE

The University of New England in Armidale, Australia is in the enviable position of boasting an excellent international reputation as well as being a leader in research and academic innovation.

位於澳洲 Armidale 的新英格蘭大學以卓越國際名聲為傲,在學術研究成果方面更是擁有先驅地位。

International students who attend UNE consistently cite the high level of interaction with teaching and academic staff, together with the passion of researchers at the University as a large part of the reason they rate their time at UNE so highly. UNE is proud of its heritage and status as one of Australia’s oldest universities and is committed to maintaining the tradition of distinction for which it is renowned.


UNE’s Achievements 傑出成就

UNE is listed in the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) rankings of World Universities for 2007 as one of the top 500 universities in the world, and one of the top 100 universities in Asia Pacific. Universities are assessed on the quality of education and quality of facilities they provide, as well as research and academic output. UNE’s inclusion in these rankings confirms its place as one of the great teaching and learning universities in the world.

UNE 在2007年的上海交通大學世界大學排名被列為前五百名,也是亞太地區前一百名。如此可見UNE的教學與設備在國際大學間備受肯定。

UNE achieved the top rating (five stars) for all three primary categories of students’ ‘educational experience’ in The Good Universities Guide for 2009. UNE has received the Guide’s top rating in this regard for nine of the ten years from 2000 to 2009 – a record unmatched by any other university. Surveyed graduates gave UNE the maximum five stars for ‘teaching quality’, ‘graduate satisfaction’ and in the ‘overall graduate rating’, which is a resounding endorsement by graduates of the unique Australian living and learning environment offered by UNE.

UNE在2009年的優秀大學指南中的”學生學習經驗”項目獲得最高榮譽五顆星,本校已從2000年到2009年已持續九年獲得此殊榮,此項成績沒有其他大學可匹敵。畢業學生意見調查中UNE在”教學品質” 、”畢業生滿意度”、”畢業生總評”項目中同樣獲得最高分五顆星,證實畢業生對UNE的獨特生活與學習環境青睞有佳。

Armidale, Australia 澳洲 阿米戴爾市

The University is in the city of Armidale, in the heart of the picturesque New England Tableland region of the State of New South Wales. The New England region is famous for its magnificent gorges, waterfalls and rivers, history and vibrant culture, and for the contrasting beauty of four distinct seasons. Armidale is a regional Australian community that is proud of its multicultural society, with students from over 75 nations studying at UNE. The engagement of international students with the wider community is an important aspect of life at UNE, and something we know international students appreciate and applaud.

本校位於新南威爾斯州風景優美的新英格蘭高原中心區域── Armidale市。新英格蘭地區的著名特色包括: 壯觀的峽谷、瀑布、河流,豐富歷史文化資源,以及四季分明的美景。Armidale 是個以地區多元文化特色為傲的澳洲社區,UNE就有來自超過75個國家的學生。國際學生與當地社群的相融是UNE生活的重要層面,此文化也深受本校學生肯定。

Teaching and Learning 教學與學習

UNE’s high quality academic experience is its commitment to teaching and learning. With one of the lowest staff-to-student ratios among Australian universities, UNE provides opportunities for students to interact more easily with classmates and academic staff promoting discussion and effective learning. Having such close interaction develops students’ deeper understanding of their areas of study, while building strong peer support attitudes. Smaller class sizes also mean that students are not just numbers at UNE – many international students really appreciate that lecturers and academic staff know their names!



Fees 費用


Bachelor of Business 商務學士  2012 annual fee 年度費用:  15,451

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 工商碩士 2012 annual fee年度費用: $2257 per unit (每學分)  (本課程含12學分)


Subject Areas 學科領域

School of Arts 文科學院


School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences 行為認知與社會科學學院


School of Education 教育學院


School of Environmental and Rural Science 環境與鄉村地區科學


School of Health 衛生健康科學


School of Humanities 人文學院


School of Law 法律學院



School of Rural Medicine 鄉村醫學院


School of Science and Technology 科學與科技學院



UNE Business School 商務學院

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